Training Wing Chun Using New Methods

by alwaysastudent on May 11, 2011

Training is difficult. Training makes you sweat. Training takes focus. Training takes dedication.

Sometimes… we don’t have any of those things in us. So how do you deal with the lack of motivation to train? You deal with it using intervals. You don’t train for an hour, you train for a shorter interval. The wooden dummy hurts our forearms, our shins, feet ( if we get carried away ). So how do you deal?

I like to use the Pomodoro Technique. This technique was invented by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s. Simply put you train for 25 minutes and then take a 10 minute break. You train for another 25 minutes, and you get another 10 minute break. After the fourth 25 minute interval you’re done. That or you take a longer break. I prefer an hour break at this point.

Now… that is just the top level training.  During my 25 minute intervals… I prefer to use more time-boxing techniques. This time I follow the rule of three. Every three exercises or repetitions of the same exercise, I take a break and change the exercise. So every 5-10 minutes, I take a 1 minute break. Then I change the exercise.

So if I’m doing variations of Tan Da, I will do three variations of these for 5 to 10 minutes. Then I switch it up and do variations of Gan Da, or some other exercise for another 5-10 minutes. I do this until I hit 25 minutes and get a 5 minute break.

How do you stay motivated? Variety, breaks, intervals and the knowledge that you don’t learn Wing Chun Kung Fu overnight. It takes time. Slow down, learn it right. That’s it! That’s how I stay motivated. I realize that it’s not a daunting task. It’s just this small thing.. .which I’m doing for the next five minutes that I need to train for.

As I always mention, do not take information from third parties and just dump it into your training. Talk to your Sifu! Ask for his/her advice and guidance. The path that I am taking is not necessarily the path he wants you to follow. If you have any comments or questions, leave them below.



Wing Chun Wallpaper

by alwaysastudent on May 5, 2011

I’ve created a desktop wallpaper for myself and others to use. If you like what you see feel free to share it around! I am thinking about making some additional resolutions as well but this is the most popular resolution and aspect ratio so I figured I’d start here.

If you would like to set this as your desktop click the image to view the full size version and then right click on the image to save it or set it as your wallpaper!


The Triangle Stance At A Glance – Part 2 – The Fall Line

May 3, 2011

The fall line(s) is(are) a huge part of the Wing Chun Triangle Stance. It’s also one that is often overlooked. I’ve never heard anyone cover this topic or explain the stance in this manner… well… except for one person. He was a student of many styles and shall remain un-named. So I can’t take credit [...]

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Wing Chun Triangle Stance At A Glance – Part 1

April 21, 2011

Many new people wonder why they have to sit in this triangle stance. They see the triangle stance as unstable and don’t understand why they have to start with this awkward feeling position. The answer is not as simple as many claim it to be. First and foremost Wing Chun Kung Fu is your Wing [...]

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Why Wing Chun?

April 15, 2011

If you are here you probably already know about the history of Wing Chun but what you may be asking is, “Why should I choose Wing Chun over another martial art?”. The answer to this has as much to do with your goals as a student as it does the effectiveness of Wing Chun. Some [...]

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Welcome to

April 15, 2011

Welcome to, the #1 Resource for Wing Chun News, Reviews, Products, and Tutorials. We are currently in the process of populating this site with content so come back often for some great updates!

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